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About Naatak

In 2021, Filmeraa hit another milestone, we started our own Theatre Company "Filmeraa Naatak" with the play "Kenchuli" in Delhi, India.  Naatak aims to facilitate, conduct, support and educate theatre enthusiasts, professionals and productions. 

We have designed custom workshops and short weekend courses to help actors groom and meet the real artist in them and perform.

Theatre Programme (3 months)

Filmeraa Naatak aims to provide an opportunity for 15 aspiring actors based in Delhi to : 

  • Access an advanced acting curriculum

  • Access various tools and techniques to learn and enhance acting skills

  • Get a platform to perform

  • Get an opportunity to showcase talent via online streaming platforms

  • Get guidance to navigate their own path in the theater and media industry.

Location : Delhi, India

Age Group: 18 & above

No of participants: 15 

Language: Hindi/English

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Filmeraa Naatak

Filmeraa Naatak

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